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      FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions     Revised 4.3.04

         This page contains answers to common questions handled by our support staff, along with some tips 
         and tricks that we have found useful and presented here as questions.

You may wish to print this page for future reference.

  1. I need help in signing up.
  2. How do I set up my MAIN email account?
  3. How do I setup my other email accounts ?
  4. How can I setup my email to work with Outlook Express or other?
  5. Can I use other email packages like Yahoo or Hotmail
  6. Can I set my home page to a different page  - How?
  7. MORE.....
  8. Next

I need help in signing up.  (If you have a START CD, click here)

If you are signing up from the web page, you will click on one of the product keys in the upper 
right of  the homepage to sign up for the package you choose (Example - High Speed Dialup).  
If you have a START CD, that CD will automatically take you to the signup pages.  If you do not have 
Current Internet service, you need a START CD.  Email your request to

Once you reach the first sign up page

Fill out the user information page with Name, Address, City, ST, Zip , Phone, Email if any, and,
Choose (or not) the content filter  --Guardian Angel
           Enter PROMO Code if any. 

Choose and enter a user name.  Enter two more user names in case first is taken.
Choose and Enter the Password.     Enter the Password again in the next box to confirm.
Enter Alternate Email address and enter credit card type, number, and expiration date
                PRINT THE PAGE!  Then, click NEXT page.
 On next page, choose a local dialup number.  Choose one with V92 if possible  (for modem on hold later).

After highlighting the number, review your information.  


Go to NEXT page. This is the Last Page for signup.

 You will be asked to Download the INS file.  Action will happen quickly.
 The, X-out of this program  (or Log  Out).  You will log off your old Internet service.

  Look on your desktop for the new ‘World and Arrow’ icon with your name under it.
 Click that to load the Internet Settings for This is Fast acting.
  You can click Internet Explorer Icon now to go to Home Page.
     (Note: The INS File only sets up your initial dialup settings.   
 No need to click again
unless you need to reset).                                  


How do I set up my MAIN email account?

Your MAIN email account will appear automatically at My Email.  You will click on My Email on the menu bar at the top of your homepage.  Enter the UserName you chose when you signed up.  Then use the password you chose. The HELP item there is excellent.

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How do I setup my other email accounts?

Email accounts (5) can be set up at the My Account section of the homepage.
Each account allows 4 mg storage.  The HELP item in our email package is excellent.
Click on My Account on the homepage.  Enter your username (do not include and then your password. Follow the instructions there to set up your other extra email accounts.

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How can I setup my email to work with Outlook Express or other ?

The POP and SMPT settings are

1. Open Outlook Express.
2. Click on Tools, then Accounts.
3. In the Internet Accounts box, click on MAIL. If this is the first time Outlook Express is
    being set up, a setup wizard will appear and ask you questions such as your name,
    your email address, etc.

             If another account is in the box that is not being used, or if you are "resetting"
             your account in Outlook, then remove the accounts and once the
             Internet Accounts box is blank (as in the above example) click ADD then MAIL.

4.  Enter your name here. This can be any name you want the people you send Email to see you as.
     Once done, click NEXT.
5.  Click "I already have an e-mail address I'd like to use" and enter your (Visp) e-mail address.
   Once done, click NEXT.
6. Incoming mail server type:  POP3
    Incoming mail (POP3 or IMAP) server:  (example)
    Outging mail (SMTP) server:  (example)    Once done, click NEXT.
7. The Account Name is your email address (for example:
    In Password, put in your password.    Click FINISH.
8 .At this point, you are returned to the Internet Accounts screen. From this screen,
    click on or highlight the mail account just created and click on the Properties button to the right.
9. On the Account Properties screen, you are presented with the General tab
    when the screen appears, but you are not required to make any changes on the
    General screen. Click on the Servers tab at the top.
. In the Servers tab, you need to check the box labeled, "My server requires authentication".
     Once this box is checked, click on the Settings button to the right. 
     Make sure that "Use same settings as my incoming mail server" has been 
     selected. Click on the OK button when you are finished. 
     At the Account Properties screen, click on the OK button to return to the main 
     Internet Accounts Screen. Click close to return to the main Outlook Express screen.
11. Create a Mail message and send it back to your email address to test and see whether the settings   
      are working fine or not.  
If not, give Tech Help a call at (tech Support number).  

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Can I use other email packages like Yahoo or Hotmail 
with this internet service?

Sure.  These and many other email packages are free on the host provider web pages.
You can go to those sites by entering their web address at the address bar.
You may need to register to use those packages if you have not done so before.
But, most are free to use.

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Can I set my homepage to a different page?

Yes!  Some of the pages you visit may have a "Set As Home Page Button".
Or, you can go to Control Panel and click on Internet Options.
Type in the new home page internet address there.

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MORE....   Modem On Hold - Finding Numbers - User Contract   

Modem on Hold -  …is a feature supported by this software.  It is included with V92 Modems. It can be downloaded from your modem manufacturer and possibly even for v90 modems.  How it works:  The phone can ring while you are on the internet – the Modem can be placed on Hold – the phone can be used – after hanging up the phone, put the modem back on and continue internet use.   There are other needs for Modem on Hold.  User must have call waiting. The user must have the V92 chipset modem.  They will have that if the PC (and modem in it) was manufactured after 2001.   The number dialed must be support V92.  User should chose a V92 designated number if available when signing up.  The user can get setup help for Modem on Hold from their PC or Modem manufacturer Helpdesk.  (Only they will know the how-to for their brand).  Your (VISP) Helpdesk will not know this information.

Finding phone numbers to use when traveling or moving to a new town – The initial local number(s) will be found during the signup process. The travel-to and or move-to numbers can be found by calling Helpdesk  ((800)-791-2564) or by returning to your Access Numbers page for area code input and write-down of number BEFORE leaving home.

          User Contracts – You do not sign a contract.  It is one of our features. 

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